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Things are going quite well for the club and attendence is up- no doubt helped by GamesWorkshop’s policy of closing 2 days a week and not having a late night gaming evening. But we are happy to be here for all your gaming needs and support them by providing a friendly evironment to play GW’s and others gaming systems- their loss is our gain! We seem to be looking at ~15 people a night, but we are still not crowded if you want to come and try us out.

We also now have a Facebook group, if the forums are not enough (you need to be logged into Facebook to see it). It is an open group so you should be able to just join yourself. We have people chatting about everything from new codex prices to questions about the club and even a discussion about Warhammer Fantasy Battle (yes, my personal bias is creeping in…). There are also quite a few pictures of people’s miniatures. Why don’t you have a look and see what is going on? I have  added a link to the left hand side of site, so  you can easily find it. If you would also like to see the club on twitter or Google+, or indeed any other social media site, let us know and I will do my best to make it happen.

A couple of people have asked about the possibility of painting on club nights. If this is something that would interest you, post on Facebook or the forums or even email us directly. We would also like to hear what form you think this should take as it is not something we have offered in any form before now.


Summer’s here..

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…at least I hope that is why we have been quite light on the ground at recent meetings. Maybe you are all relaxing in the sun or having barbeques…oh yes, this is the UK, so it has rained almost solidly for the last 5 weeks….. Anyway we would love to have you back, so if there is anything putting you off, or something you would like us to do, let us know, we are not psychic. We run this club for you the members, so if you are not happy- tell us.

Dystopian Wars

Our glorious committee get to grips with Dystopian wars....

In other news, some of our glorious committee members are straying from the true path of gaming that is GW errr, sorry, are broadening their horizons and taking up Dystopian wars. This is a primarly ship based game (although there are land forces too) with a futuristic steampunk feel. It looks like a pale shadow of Man’O War oops another minor slip up, quite fun with its “exploding 6s” mechanic, meaning that nearly anything can theoretically destroy anything else, with a lot of luck… Quite a few people are trying this out at the minute so there will be a game of it running pretty much every week if you want to see what it is about.



oh dear, what has the flash done to the paintjob?

The ships are quite good too, as you can see from this blurry overexposed photo (sorry), and it it quite cheap to start compared to the likes of GW (but then, what isn’t?). We should soon have some “sea” boards, which may look more than a little like this black board, just in blue….

And, to end this post on a shameless request, I am still hoping to stick to the one true path of Warhammer Fanstay Battle, so if you would like a game, let me know. I don’t mind your skill level, army, paint (or not) or even if you don’t have an army and just want to try it out.

40K evening doubles tournament, plus other events

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So this is clearly only for guys in the local area.. sorry! But we need to get the club back on form!

It is a 2 week, 4 game tournament with 2 games per evening on consecutive Wednesdays!
The details are on the  flier  above and it is a DOUBLES TOURNAMENT!
It is £5 to enter per person (but that includes both weeks club entry and prize fund)

So, grab a partner, throw together a 1500 point army and get on down to the club! Set up is from 6-6.30pm, then Round One is 2 hours, Round 2 is 2 hours. We have parking at the club and for free down Flamsteed Road.

If you need a partner, throw a post up on the club forum and we’ll find you someone to play with.

If Warhammer 40K is not your thing, we are also going to be running an Escalation Warhammer Fantasy League starting from 7th March – start at 500 points and add 500 points every month in manageable chunks…avoid having unpainted models backed up on your desk!! Great way to get some Fantasy in!! If you are an experienced player, come on down with a new army and build up over the months to the staggering sizes of Fantasy!

The perfect opportunity to learn to play and get those Christmas models on the tabletop finally!!

Love to mangle your opponent on the sportsfield? Love Warhammer? Want to do them both at once? BLOODBOWL RETURNS!! Starting 29th February we are running some starter games to get us back up to speed with the aim of running a BloodBowl Premier League starting 21st March

Don’t forget we still run Warmachine, Malifaux and regular pick up play for 40k.

See you at the club!!

Going from strength to strength

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Well, we have been running for just over a month now and things are looking good so far. We have had up to 20 people at the club on some nights, but there is certainly room for some more.

club night

club night

The range of games played is also increasing; I have seen games of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Puppet wars, Dystopian Wars and Dreadfleet over the past few weeks, and I know there are people interested in Lord of the Rings, Infinity, ,Magic: the gathering, Bloodbowl and other GW specialist games. If I have missed anything, let me know! If you want to play 40k (or probably Malifaux) you can just turn up as there are enough players, but it is worth logging on to our forums and arranging a game for the other systems. Or if you are not that organised, you can do what I do- bring something and a 40k army, so I have a fallback option. If you want to try Dreadfleet, we have a copy on loan for 6 months, so you can try it out if you are one of the first 2 people interested on the night. I am sure we have people who would be interested in playing board games as well ( I know I would), so if this is more you thing, let us know and/or bring something along.

our forums...

A bit of forum news: unfortunately, we are getting an increasing number of spammers trying to sign up so I have blocked a range of IP addresses to try and keep things in check. If you find you cannot reach the forum, just email the club and we will fix the blocks. If this does not work we may have to consider getting anyone who wants to sign up for an account to email the club first. It’s all a bit annoying, but that is the internet for you.

Please don’t let this deter you from signing up- no spammers are getting through, these changes are just to make admin of the forums easier.

A quick final thing: is there anything you would like to see us add or do differently? The members make the club, so what you want really does matter to us.

Up and running….

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Well, we had our first meeting and I think it was a success, with 13 people and 5 annual memberships (13.5 people is the break even point so not too bad) so if this carries on, we should be here to stay. If you are not certain whether we are for you, why not try us out next week?

warhammer 40k

a hard fought game of 40k

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the whole hall with all the tables out, so you can’t see the full range of terrain and boards we have available, but with 9 boards and different scenery for each it is pretty good

If any of the tables look familiar then that is probably because you used to go to the Cambridge battle bunker before GW shut it- they were all going to go in the bin, but we managed to get hold of them and put them to good use. We will be adding to and improving them as time goes on, but we can have 20 people gaming with what we have now, better than anything you will find anywhere else in Cambridge.



We had games of Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Warmachine and Puppet Wars running, and we hope this is just the start. My fellow committee members have told me I will be forced to play inferior non-GW gaming systems on pain of death…oops, my slight GW bias may be creeping in… what I meant was I will come to love them all for their many faults features. Seriously though, I  will happily give them a go as I have not really had the chance with only getting to game at GW. I am also looking forward being able to use any miniatures in any games I want. So bring along whatever you want, board games, GW specialist games, wargames, you name it.

Gaming, friendly people, food and drink (well cans, crisps and chocolate bars…) and a large hall with lots of tables and terrain- what more do you want?

Come along and try us out, and sign up for our forums while you are at it, to arrange a game before you even get here.

First Meeting

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Welcome to Sons of War. We are a new wargaming club based in Cambridge, UK. We will soon be affiliated with the GCN, but welcome anyone who wants to play games from Warhammer 40k and Warmachine to board games and RPGs.

Our first meeting will be held on:

Wednesday 26th October, 2011
6.00pm til 10.30pm

28th Cambridge Scout Hut
Flamsteed Road off Rustat Rd


£3 per session as a one off
£2.50 per session with 6 month membership at £10
Annual Membership £15

9 gaming tables with full terrain
7 of which are full 6’x4′ tables… eager and willing for you to spill 40k blood onto..