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We will be back…

Posted: 5th May 2021 by TimB in Uncategorized

Like pretty much every club in the country we are currently shut down due to COVID19. When will we be back? Well, when the government says indoor clubs can meet again, and when the scout association (who we hire premises from) give the ok for indoor meetings. Hopefully this should be later this year. In […]

Still going strong….

Posted: 10th January 2019 by TimB in Uncategorized

Well, it has been a while since the last update, but the club is still doing well- it is just that most of our members access club related information through our facebook page (the link is in useful links at the left). What has changed? Well, the number of players who turn up each week […]

We are now members of the GCN

Posted: 8th November 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

We have now joined the Gaming Club Network (GCN)… isn’t that great news? What is it and what does it do for us I hear you say? Well, the GCN is a network of gaming clubs, to quote from their site: The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation, created in 1999, set upon […]

This year’s Dreaball league…

Posted: 10th September 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

Well we are still here, even if I don’t update this as often as I should. Anyway, the annual Dreadball league will be starting in the next couple of months. If you are interested in signing up or finding out more, comment here or on our facebook page (link is under “useful links”). Last year’s […]

…and we’re back…

Posted: 9th November 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Yes, the Scout Hut has finally been renovated and we will be back to our usual Wednesday nights from 13/11/13. Same times, same location, same prices. Looking forward to seeing you all then. I am sure you are all as excited as the Beavers below…  

The move back is not going smoothly….

Posted: 15th October 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Well, dear members, you are probably aware that all is not going to plan with the move back to the scout hut as they are running late with the refit. This means no club for now… boooo! To get up to date info on whether the club will be on on a given night, check […]

Back to the old hall….

Posted: 26th September 2013 by TimB in Uncategorized

Well, the long awaited rennovation of the old scout hut has nearly been finished so we will back there starting from the 9th October 2013 and back to our usual slot of Wednesdays. The other really good news is we are also back to the longer evening we know you all love- don’t say we […]


Posted: 25th April 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Tonight, 24th April 2013, was our LAST NIGHT at our current venue on Flamsteed Road at the Scout Hut. Starting on the 6th May, we are MOVING to the Scout Hut in Newnham, Cambridge. We are ALSO MOVING NIGHTS to Mondays due to lack of mid week availability at the new location. New club night […]

New Facebook group

Posted: 26th September 2012 by admin in Uncategorized
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Things are going quite well for the club and attendence is up- no doubt helped by GamesWorkshop’s policy of closing 2 days a week and not having a late night gaming evening. But we are happy to be here for all your gaming needs and support them by providing a friendly evironment to play GW’s […]

Summer’s here..

Posted: 3rd June 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

  …at least I hope that is why we have been quite light on the ground at recent meetings. Maybe you are all relaxing in the sun or having barbeques…oh yes, this is the UK, so it has rained almost solidly for the last 5 weeks….. Anyway we would love to have you back, so […]