Summer’s here..

Posted: 3rd June 2012 by admin in Uncategorized


…at least I hope that is why we have been quite light on the ground at recent meetings. Maybe you are all relaxing in the sun or having barbeques…oh yes, this is the UK, so it has rained almost solidly for the last 5 weeks….. Anyway we would love to have you back, so if there is anything putting you off, or something you would like us to do, let us know, we are not psychic. We run this club for you the members, so if you are not happy- tell us.

Dystopian Wars

Our glorious committee get to grips with Dystopian wars....

In other news, some of our glorious committee members are straying from the true path of gaming that is GW errr, sorry, are broadening their horizons and taking up Dystopian wars. This is a primarly ship based game (although there are land forces too) with a futuristic steampunk feel. It looks like a pale shadow of Man’O War oops another minor slip up, quite fun with its “exploding 6s” mechanic, meaning that nearly anything can theoretically destroy anything else, with a lot of luck… Quite a few people are trying this out at the minute so there will be a game of it running pretty much every week if you want to see what it is about.



oh dear, what has the flash done to the paintjob?

The ships are quite good too, as you can see from this blurry overexposed photo (sorry), and it it quite cheap to start compared to the likes of GW (but then, what isn’t?). We should soon have some “sea” boards, which may look more than a little like this black board, just in blue….

And, to end this post on a shameless request, I am still hoping to stick to the one true path of Warhammer Fanstay Battle, so if you would like a game, let me know. I don’t mind your skill level, army, paint (or not) or even if you don’t have an army and just want to try it out.

  1. Thomas Green says:

    Hi, my name is Tom and ive just signed up to the forum. I was wondering if you guys still play Dystopian wars. Ive played it on and off since it was first released and have some Firestorm armada as well (another similar game from the same company that’s based in space).


    • Andy says:

      Hi Tom.
      We still play.. there is now quite a little following at the club. We have 4 weekly members who play as well as about 6 guys who come down every 3/4 weeks and get games in..
      In short.. if you come down to the club you’ll get a game in basically any week.

      Regarding Firestorm.. I know a couple of the intermittent types play..and there are several guys, myself included, who’ll always look at a new game..

      Get down to the club mate!