Price Changes

Posted: 15th August 2023 by TimB in Uncategorized

We have had no price changes for more than a decade, but costs are rising for everyone- including the costs for hiring our scout hut. As such we have had to increase our prices to £3 for members and £4.50 for non-members. As we have 11+ 6×4 tables with gaming mats and full terrain, which you can use for a full 3 hours, we hope you will find this reasonable.

If you want you come to a gaming night, please watch out for the table booking post on our Facebook page and put your name down. Be quick about it though, as we are currently at full capacity most nights…

We are now running again after COVID

Posted: 5th February 2022 by TimB in Uncategorized

Like many things, we are now open again as COIVD restrictions have eased. You will need to book one of the 11 tables on our Facebook page, but beyond that, things should seem pretty normal.

What are we currently playing most weeks? Warhammer 40,000 (there is a league and a tournament running), Age of Sigmar, Marvel, Adeptus titanicus are all there most weeks, and we have occasional Star Wars Legion, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer Fantasy Battle (a favourite of mine) and more….

Try us out for the first time, or come back if you have been away for a while…..

We will be back…

Posted: 5th May 2021 by TimB in Uncategorized

Like pretty much every club in the country we are currently shut down due to COVID19. When will we be back? Well, when the government says indoor clubs can meet again, and when the scout association (who we hire premises from) give the ok for indoor meetings. Hopefully this should be later this year.
In the meantime, why don’t you visit our Facebook page, where we encourage each other to actually paint some of those miniatures we all have, or arrange an outdoor game with a friend?

Still going strong….

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Well, it has been a while since the last update, but the club is still doing well- it is just that most of our members access club related information through our facebook page (the link is in useful links at the left).

What has changed? Well, the number of players who turn up each week has now gone up- we regularly get 20+ people on a Wednesday night, and the range of games played is even larger. Currently we have a lot of Warhammer Underworlds players, 40k & 30K players, X-Wing, WarmaHordes, Adeptus Titanicus, Age of Sigmar, Dropfleet commander, a few Mantic games players (Dreadball, Deadzone, Kings of war etc), and the occasional boardgame players too… and this list is by no means exhaustive!

One other piece of good news is that the increased attendence has enabled us to buy more mats and terrain suitable for a range of systems. As the photos show, this looks very good.

One thing to note is that they have change the parking regulations on the surrounding roads so, while we can still get about 10 cars in the carpark, parking can be a little more tricky on very busy nights.

We are now members of the GCN

Posted: 8th November 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

We have now joined the Gaming Club Network (GCN)… isn’t that great news?

What is it and what does it do for us I hear you say? Well, the GCN is a network of gaming clubs, to quote from their site:

The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation, created in 1999, set upon the idea of bringing together like-minded people to encourage others to try our hobby. Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for individuals and member clubs to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures, table top games, Board games and role play games.

The GCN strives to meet the following six objectives:
• To assist running local gaming events
• To support club activities
• To assist running games at local and national levels
• To provide a forum for gaming clubs
• To facilitate club development
• To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs, and games originators, manufacturers and retailers

The things you will most easily notice are discounts from gaming companies (including some free games for the club!), notification of events run by other members and advertising of our club on their site and in gaming publications (although, if you are reading this, you have already found us).

If you want to know more contact us (links to the left), ask us on a club night, or check out the GCN website:

This year’s Dreaball league…

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Well we are still here, even if I don’t update this as often as I should. Anyway, the annual Dreadball league will be starting in the next couple of months. If you are interested in signing up or finding out more, comment here or on our facebook page (link is under “useful links”).

Last year’s league went really well and and we finished it with the an Ultimate playoff:

…and we’re back…

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Yes, the Scout Hut has finally been renovated and we will be back to our usual Wednesday nights from 13/11/13. Same times, same location, same prices. Looking forward to seeing you all then. I am sure you are all as excited as the Beavers below…


The move back is not going smoothly….

Posted: 15th October 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Well, dear members, you are probably aware that all is not going to plan with the move back to the scout hut as they are running late with the refit. This means no club for now… boooo! To get up to date info on whether the club will be on on a given night, check out our Facebook group (link in the left navigation bar) or email us if you don’t use Facebook (check out the contacts tab).

If you are interested in how the refit is going, the Scouts have a webpage showing the progress:

We hope to have things back to normal as soon as possible, because we miss gaming too, but if there is no floor in the Scout hut, we can’t really play there.

Back to the old hall….

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Well, the long awaited rennovation of the old scout hut has nearly been finished so we will back there starting from the 9th October 2013 and back to our usual slot of Wednesdays. The other really good news is we are also back to the longer evening we know you all love- don’t say we don’t spoil you.

If you don’t know/remember where we now are, check it out here.

One thing to remember, there is now no club meetings until the 9th. So don’t turn up and wonder where everyone is!


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Tonight, 24th April 2013, was our LAST NIGHT at our current venue on Flamsteed Road at the Scout Hut.
Starting on the 6th May, we are MOVING to the Scout Hut in Newnham, Cambridge.
We are ALSO MOVING NIGHTS to Mondays due to lack of mid week availability at the new location.

New club night details:
Monday, 7:30-10:30pm.
Newnham Scout and Guide Centre, Chedworth Street, Cambridge, CB3 9JF

“Why, oh WHHHHYYY!?” I hear you cry.

This is not our choosing.

The Flamsteed Rd Scout Hut has long been pushing for a refurbishment (which I’m sure you all agree is much needed) and on Tuesday 23nd April (yes, ONE day ago!!) we were given notice that work would commence from the 29th April – next week..making this week our last available evening til the refurbishment has been completed.

Rather than cry about super short notice, curl up in a ball an cry like girls.. your club organisers have risen to the challenge and in just a day have secured a new location for the spring/summer.

How long will this last? Is it permanent?

It will start on the 6th May and run for 12 sessions ONLY til late August, when the club will take a well deserved ‘summer break’, reopening again in the brand new, spiffy Flamsteed Road “HOME” venue..

The refurb of Flamsteed is scheduled to last til mid-August. We’ve planned for the worst and have secured a venue til mid-Sept.


The good news:
– The club still exists and will grow and thrive
– It will NOT COST A PENNY MORE for members and non-members alike.
– We can still store our terrain and boards meaning we will have the SAME PROVISION OF TABLES as we do now, if not MORE!
– We can still OFFER PARKING in the shared parking of the Newnham Croft school next door – so BETTER PARKING!
– We are still IN TOWN, no further out…just in a different direction!

The bad news:
– it’s only 7:30 til 10:30 meaning you will only get one game of 40k/warhammer in, but dreadball/blood bowl/Malifaux leagues will all be unaffected.

The MAP is linked as is the address.

We can only apologise for the short notice, but understand that we too have suffered with this and with just 24hrs to resolve the situation, we have tried to do so in as smooth a manner as possible.

Remember, we are just like you guys, we run this for the benefit of the community and nothing else and feel this is the best SHORT TERM move for the club.