Going from strength to strength

Posted: 26th November 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

Well, we have been running for just over a month now and things are looking good so far. We have had up to 20 people at the club on some nights, but there is certainly room for some more.

club night

club night

The range of games played is also increasing; I have seen games of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Puppet wars, Dystopian Wars and Dreadfleet over the past few weeks, and I know there are people interested in Lord of the Rings, Infinity, ,Magic: the gathering, Bloodbowl and other GW specialist games. If I have missed anything, let me know! If you want to play 40k (or probably Malifaux) you can just turn up as there are enough players, but it is worth logging on to our forums and arranging a game for the other systems. Or if you are not that organised, you can do what I do- bring something and a 40k army, so I have a fallback option. If you want to try Dreadfleet, we have a copy on loan for 6 months, so you can try it out if you are one of the first 2 people interested on the night. I am sure we have people who would be interested in playing board games as well ( I know I would), so if this is more you thing, let us know and/or bring something along.

our forums...

A bit of forum news: unfortunately, we are getting an increasing number of spammers trying to sign up so I have blocked a range of IP addresses to try and keep things in check. If you find you cannot reach the forum, just email the club and we will fix the blocks. If this does not work we may have to consider getting anyone who wants to sign up for an account to email the club first. It’s all a bit annoying, but that is the internet for you.

Please don’t let this deter you from signing up- no spammers are getting through, these changes are just to make admin of the forums easier.

A quick final thing: is there anything you would like to see us add or do differently? The members make the club, so what you want really does matter to us.